Forrest of Dean, 2016

We gathered in the beautiful grounds of Apple Orchard Campsite on the edge of the Forest Of Dean for what would be our last social rally of the year. Kindly hosted by Club Secretary Jane Wathan, it was a beautiful venue to end our first year with, including great weather to boot. 

The owners were really friendly and ran a small cafe serving from 8am - 9pm daily. Many locals were dropping in to eat so we knew it must be good. We enjoyed a raucous Friday night in there sampling their home-brewed apple cider and catching up with old and new friends in the RCC. 

Saturday morning saw our end of season bring and buy sale, with lots of vintage and classic caravan related bargains changing hands. Christopher Beresford had recently purchased two 1960’s Moped bikes and Colin French and James Mclean relished in the challenge of getting them running over the course of the day. I found it most amusing sitting in the cafe enjoying lunch to see Colin go whizzing past on one bike, shortly followed by James and soon after by a whole pack of dogs who were running after them! 

Saturday evening saw us take over the cafe completely, just about everyone turned out for the evening in the cosy cafe. 

Sunday morning arrived all too quickly and we convened for a coffee morning and to take Jane to task for her impossibly hard caravan conundrum quiz, featuring various anagrams for caravan manufacturers! It was all in good spirits anyway. All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend and we look forward to returning to Apple Orchard in 2017.
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