Footman James Indoor Classic Car Show, 2016

The Retro Caravan Club received an exclusive invitation to represent the classic caravan scene at the Manchester Classic Car Show at Event City next to the Trafford Centre. It’s said that the event this year averaged 11,000 visitors per day! Classic Caravans are often overlooked by the general Classic Car scene, testement to this was the influx of interest that we received at this event - we took four new members just on the Friday evening as we set up! People from other car clubs saw the caravans and made a beeline to join as they didn’t realise that there was a scene for classic caravans. 

We were privileged to have a good display of caravans. We rowed them up in date order, with matching period accessories outside to make it a real campsite through time. It proved to be a real nostalgia trip for the show visitors, who excitedly looked at our mini time-capsules all weekend. Event organiser Andy Rouse congratulated us on our stand and commented on how busy it had been all weekend. We’re pleased to say that we’ve been invited back next year. 

The only problem with this kind of event is that you’re not allowed to stay in your caravan for health and safety reasons. Luckily, Michael, Julie, Lisa and Darren all lived within 10 miles of the event, personal thanks must go to Lisa especially for kindly putting myself and Chris up at her house for the weekend. 

All in all, it was a very busy weekend for us all. We lost count of how many new members we took on at the event, but it was between 30 and 40 looking at the membership database. We ask existing members to please consider letting the Club feature your caravan at these kind of shows in 2017. We’re not looking for an immaculate show piece, just something that’s loved and the public would like to see.
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