ECCR - European Classic Caravan Rally 2019 
Booking for the ECCR is simple and easy...​​​​​

​Please don't wait until the last minute, limited space is available at the event!

As a member of the ECCC - European Classic Caravan Clubs, we take part in this annual event.

The ECCR - European Classic Caravan Rally will be held in Belgium in 2019, in Werchter, just outside of Bruxelles which is just 148 miles from the port of Calais. The 2018 event, which was in Germany on the Belgium border, brought together 221 caravans from all over Europe, including 23 Retro Caravan Club members, 18 from the UK.
The event is definitely one not to miss. We had a small convoy from Kent over to the Continent last year, with 13 caravans meeting in Belgium and convoying the last 80miles to the site, what an impressive site!

For 2019 we also have plans for a convoy in place... These plans may change slightly.

- Friday 24th May = Meeting in Kent.

- Saturday 25th May = Cross in two convoys, Ferry/Tunnel.

- Saturday 25th-Tuesday 28th May = Pre ECCR rally in Belgium.

- Tuesday 28th = We plan to arrive at the ECCR campsite.

- Sunday 2nd - 7th June = Post ECCR rally in France.

- Friday 7th June = Campsite in Calais

- Saturday 8th June = Cross via Ferry/Tunnel

Conveniently From the 24th May - 4th June the majority of UK schools are on holiday, most people with children will leave on the Sunday of the event.

***We must all arrive at the ECCR together, therefore please make sure that you can meet us at the Belgium campsite on or before Tuesday 28th at 11AM.***

Please make sure that you all have your ACSI camping discount card - This costs around £15 and will bring discounts of upto £10 per night for you.

Further information on the convoy and campsite locations are available by emailing;

Event camping and meal for 1 Person = €125
Event Camping and meal for 2 Person = €150

Additional nights at the ECCR = €20

These prices may be reduced! As long as the Hosting club hits there targets.

Please note the convoy will be arriving at the event on the Tuesday and Leaving on the Sunday. This includes the electrics, dinner and get-together, goody bag and much more.
The above prices are only for the Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. Therefore please stipulate which additional nights you wish to stay. To our knowledge at this time, this is expected to be paid in euros, in cash on arrival.

We ask for a £50 deposit on booking and this will be refunded to you after your attendance at the event. This will cover any deposits for the pre and post campsites also.

Once you have experienced this event, you will want to attend again, there is a limited amount of available space at this event. We are expecting 30-40 caravans from the Retro Caravan Club in 2019. Holland in 2017 seen 19 caravans from the RCC and Luxembourg in 2018 seen 24 caravans from the RCC.

You can see photographs of our visit to Holland in 2017 on the Gallery page and Luxembourg in 2018.

Please fill out the form to the right and click submit. Once you have done this, you will be redirected to our online payment page.

The deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancelation unless 16 weeks (4 months) notice is given.
We believe this is ample enough notice.

How do I pay the deposit?
You can pay via PAYPAL.

You will get your deposit refunded to your PayPal account shortly after the event.

PayPal is the safest and easiest option, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay using a Credit or Debit Card by simply clicking on the paypal link and following the instructions for paying by card.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is the Retro Caravan Club responsible for wrong details being given!

The Committee.
Full Name/s
Membership Number
Additional information
Date of Arrival and Date of departure?
I agree my deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancelation
Phone Number
Electric or non-electric?
How many in your party? Adults, Children, Dogs?
Year, make and model of your vehicle/s.
How are you crossing?
Join the post Convoy?
Join the pre Convoy?
If not joining the convoy, arrival day to ECCR?
Once you submit your details, you will be redirected to our online payment page where you can pay via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card.

Please allow 7 working days for your booking to be processed. As soon as your booking is processed you will receive a confirmation email. 4-6 weeks before the event you will receive further information.

We have now chosen the dates and campsites for the convoy to and from the ECCR;
Exact details will be given to those who book, but below is in brief, if we get near to being fully booked I will update this.

- Friday 24th May = Meeting in Kent.
20 EHU pitches reserved, this campsite is conveniently just 30 minutes from the Eurotunnel and Ferry port.
- Saturday 25th May = Cross in two convoys, Ferry/Tunnel.

- Saturday 25th-Tuesday 28th May = Pre ECCR rally in Belgium.
I will arrange two convoys, please see section below.

- Tuesday 28th = We plan to arrive at the ECCR campsite.
40 EHU pitches reserved, this campsite is 30 minutes from the ECCR. So the 40 or so caravans can arrive together in convoy.

- Sunday 2nd - 7th June = Post ECCR rally in France.
20 EHU Pitches reserved for our post rally, which is within 1 hour of Paris, this has all facilities.

- Friday 7th June = Campsite in Calais
​20 EHU Pitches reserved for our last campsite. Conveniently located within 20 minutes of the eurotunnel and ferry port, this is a nice rural part of calais.

- Saturday 8th June = Cross via Ferry/Tunnel
Goodbye and fairwell, see you all soon

We have two convoys! I have discount codes for Eurotunnel, DFDS and P&O.

The Ferry Convoy will be from Dover to Calais/Dunkirk.
There may be a smaller convoy going from a northern port into holland dependent on the interest.

I would recommend the Eurotunnel for those who are travelling with pets, and want a quick and easy crossing.